CCFIT User Result: Jenna U.

“I was always into exercising and going to the gym, played sports my entire life, and loved doing fitness classes at my college’s rec center. After I graduated college, I didn’t know what to do with myself because I was moving away from all of my friends, starting a very stressful job, and also attending grad school full-time. I was also at my heaviest weight from all of the drinking and partying senior year of college and I knew I needed to change something.

I started following Cristina along with many other fitness accounts on instagram. After doing a free week on CCFIT and reading more about Cristina’s workouts, I figured why not. I was skeptical at first, but after about a month of dedication, I was seeing results so quickly and it motivated me so much.

Throughout the entire experience, whenever I had questions, Cristina always responded to me so quickly and made me feel welcomed to this whole fitness journey. I quickly became excited to workout, looking up my workouts every morning before I actually got to the gym and started doing them.

CCFIT truly provides me with an amazing and supportive community via Facebook and a great way to relieve stress. I have dropped 35 pounds since I began this journey and I swear by this app!”

-Jenna U.

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