“First of all, wow! My transformation in 4 weeks is amazing. I was consistent with her workouts and my nutrition was on key! I can’t wait to start another group of workouts on the app. I am getting married in a year and I have no doubt I can have my dream body with this app! Thank you thank you thank you!! 

I have been using the CCFIT app for about 6 months now and I could not be more pleased. I now have confidence when I go to workout. I review what I am doing that day and I go in and crush it. I no longer feel or look like I’m lost at the gym. Cristina lays it all out for you. I have used other guide’s prior to her app, and this is by far my favorite! I am more motivated now than I have ever been, and I love that it’s so user friendly. There are so many different workouts, I never get bored and can always switch it up. 

I really enjoy her content and she is always super helpful when I ask questions. I have and will continue to recommend the CCFIT app to my friends and anyone who wants to better themselves. It’s perfect for beginners and the more experienced. I could go on and on. Thank you, Cristina!! I finally have confidence in my body and at the gym.”

-Savanna M.

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